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Key Duplication & Master Key Replacement

Key Duplicator in Southeast Wisconsin

High Security Door Locks Milwaukee

When keys are broken or go missing, you need a fast, cost-effective solution. Aro Lock & Door provides installation, repair and product consultation for all your lock needs. With generations of experience in the locksmith industry, we continue to grown and evolve with the ever changing world of lock security.

We service all brands and styles of locks, including:

If you need key duplication - whether you’ve moved to a new building or lost your keys - we'll replace or reconfigure your locks to ensure no ex-tenant or ex-employee has access to your building. We can change the lock tumblers so the old key no longer fits, change the electronic access code or we can replace the unit entirely.

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Rekeying Service With Fair Rates

If you need your locks changed, instead of taking the added time and paying the higher cost to replace all the locks, use ARO Lock's lock rekeying service. As an economical solution to changing locks , rekeying replaces the lock's internal components to match a new key combination. We're able to perform this service for homeowners, business owners and property managers across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Master Key Locksmith for Homes & Businesses

When you choose Aro Lock & Door as your key duplicator, we can reduce the number of keys you carry in the future by installing a master key system so one key fits all of your doors. This is especially useful for businesses and apartment owners who want to equip personnel with access to multiple areas with a single key. Master keying performed by our Wisconsin locksmiths always comes at a fair price.

Deadbolt Locks in Southeast Wisconsin

Deadbolt locks are a fundamental component of home and business security, providing robust protection against unauthorized access. These locks feature a solid metal bolt that extends deep into the door frame when engaged, making them highly resistant to forced entry attempts. Their simplicity and reliability make deadbolts a popular choice for anyone looking to fortify their property's security.

Trusted High Security Lock Installer

We also install high security locks, allowing you to give keys out that are unable to be duplicated without specific authorization. We can provide this same service with electronic locks, securing doors with specific PIN numbers or keycards which cannot be changed without authorization. This allows you to control and restrict access to your home or building.

Our Milwaukee commercial locksmiths are capable of providing our high security locks and keys for large or small businesses to ensure the safety of staff and commercial property.

Access Control Systems in Southeast Wisconsin

Access control systems provide a robust and efficient means to manage and monitor entry to secured spaces. Aro Lock & Door offers access control system installation services in Southeast Wisconsin, ensuring that businesses and homeowners can restrict and control access to their premises with electronic locks, PIN numbers or keycards, enhancing security and peace of mind.

Emergency Locksmith in Southeast Wisconsin

Forgetting your keys and accidentally locking yourself out while heading out the door is a painful experience. Aro Lock & Door offers emergency locksmith services for business owners and residents. Give us a call and we'll promptly send a professional locksmith to save the day. We'll have you on your way in no time.

We locksmith Milwaukee homes and businesses, including:

Whether your lock is one year old or one-hundred years old, an expert Milwaukee locksmith will provide the most cost-effective course of action. 

Your Trusted Southeast Wisconsin Locksmiths

Aro Lock & Door proudly serves the Wisconsin cities of Milwaukee, Waukesha, Wauwatosa, Kenosha, West Allis, Pewaukee, Genesee Depot, Shorewood, Pleasant Prairie, Menomonee Falls and more!

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