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Von Duprin

High Quality Commercial and Residential Push BarsVon Duprin Lock Systems

Von Duprin is known throughout the world as a leader in manufacturing:

  • Touch Bars
    • 98/99 Series
    • 33A/35A Series
    • 22 Series
  • Cross Bars
    • 88 Series
    • 55 Series
  • Recessed Bars
    • 94/95 Series

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Each of these bars offers incredible benefits, and they are utilized in exit, security and residential doors throughout the country. The exit bars available from Von Duprin feature easy, quiet operation and incredible security, making them perfect for both residential and industrial buildings.

The Milwaukee locksmiths at Aro Lock and Door have extensive experience installing push bars throughout the area, bringing peace of mind to business and home owners alike. We also offer Von Duprin installation and rekeying services.

Learn more about Von Duprin by visiting their homepage.

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