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Master Lock

Keeping Our World Under Lock and KeyMaster Lock products for security solutions from Aro Lock & Door 

Founded in 1921 by Harry Soref, Master Lock is proudly Milwaukee-made, and is still North America’s #1 padlock manufacturer. Their product proves strong enough for an impressive television commercial featuring a foiled Magnum .44 pistol bullet fired at the padlock, failing to break the lock.

Master Lock provides top-quality products for both commercial and residential buildings, protecting what matters most. Our experienced Milwaukee locksmith specialists can determine the type of locks and security your home or business needs.

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Master Lock offers unique locks, padlocks and security products, covering specific needs including: 

  • Door Hardware
  • Cam Locks
  • Bike Locks
  • Push Button Pads
  • Gun Locks

Aro Lock & Door uses Master Lock products for their durability and lasting performance. Our experts provide you the best safety solutions with the most trusted brands on the market.

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